Improve similar content or duplicate content exports

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I'd love to see rearranged CSV file with exported URLs from similar or duplicate content.

Now we get a list of URLs with total number of duplicates and percentage similarity – okay, but the list itself is now a bit useless, because you still need to find out which URL is similar/duplicate to which one.

So what would be great is to have an example or the first found URL on the left, and in the right column a list of all similar/duplicate URLs – just like in case of "duplicate H1 tags" export.

CSV formatted that way is easier to pass on to copywriters/clients/etc.

From what I have seen this data is already included in Sitebulb, but you have to go the URL details and then check the Duplicate Content section, to see a full list of duplicate/similar URL. I didn't find a different (easier and faster) way to get that data for all impacted URLs.

Planned Suggested by: Krzysztof Upvoted: 01 Aug, '23 Comments: 0

Comments: 0