Move row order in tables

Hi guys. Phenomenal tool! Couple of suggestions:

1. It would be very useful to be able to move the order of the rows in any of the tables (e.g. in the internal page report (from top menu), I would like to have the canonical link element and whether it is self referencing or not next to the source URL).

2. Crawler settings: allow the crawler to independently respect/not respect canonicals, rel=next/prev, robots.txt and noindex (like Screaming frog does)

3. Have an API to backlink tools (Ahrefs etc.) so you can integrate backlink data into the crawl (e.g. broken backlinks, redirects etc.)

4. Pull crawl error data from GSC so you can cross reference 404s (actual linked pages vs. pages still in the index that are no longer linked)



Under consideration Suggested by: Laurie Turnbull Upvoted: 13 Jan, '20 Comments: 0

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